New nurses choose the MUHC

A new cohort of 30 recent graduates choose the MUHC to start their nursing careers

From May 19 to May 22, 30 new nurses gathered in the amphitheatre of the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC) for a three-day orientation session to prepare them to join the front lines of the MUHC.

“I chose the MUHC because I wanted to work at the Neuro. I’m very passionate about research, and to see it being applied firsthand at the bedside is incredibly motivating. In two weeks, I’ll be starting my first shift as a nurse at the Neuro ICU,” says Denys Mokryy proudly.

“I chose the MUHC because I love emergency medicine, critical care and trauma. I did a stage at the MGH ER, and the team was welcoming and truly valued my opinion, even as a student. I’m thrilled to be returning to the ER next week as a staff member and I look forward to working with the trauma team,” says Samantha Champagne, who also recently completed her Bachelor of Nursing at McGill, after earning a previous degree in anatomy and cell biology.

She says that what differentiated the MUHC from other hospitals was the multidisciplinary teams and how nursing is respected. "I really felt like I was part of something important," says Samantha. “The team environment and the fact that nurses participate in rounds made the MUHC my first choice.”

Selena FitzGerald and Astride Bazile, nursing professional development educators, spearheaded the three-day orientation.

When asked how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the on-boarding, Selena says that the sessions now include specific information about the virus while still including the usual essential content that is always provided to new nurses. Some presenters have also edited their presentations to include COVID-19 details that pertain to their specialty.

“We adjusted the infection control presentation to include COVID-19,” she says. “In terms of the actual physical changes, everyone respected social distancing measures and participants were assigned a chair that was at least two metres away from their neighbour.  We are also providing more frequent orientation sessions to help manage the size of the groups and to meet the number of new hires that are being recruited by the MUHC.”

"Asked if he’s anxious about kick-starting his career in the middle of the pandemic, Denys smiles: “Not at all. In fact, I’m even more motivated and I see it as an exciting first challenge. I’m ready and proud to be joining the Neuro!”

Congratulations to the new graduates and thank you for choosing the MUHC!

new nurses
Samantha Champagne and Denys Mokryy

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