CHAMPIONS at the Lachine Hospital

CHAMPIONS at the Lachine Hospital

When difficult times bring out the best in your colleagues, you know you belong to a team of CHAMPIONS. At the Lachine Hospital, a championship was won when three medical tents were installed in record time, making sure the MUHC can uphold both COVID and non-COVID patients. This initiative brought together our Installation Teams, Nursing Leaders and Educators, Inhalation Therapists, Infection Control, Technical Services, Biomedical, Pharmacy, Housekeeping, Critical Care, and Emergency Medicine physicians.

“I feel privileged to be in a position to help,” says Dr. Nicole Ezer, who in light of the pandemic holds the temporary role of Associate Director of Professional Services at Lachine Hospital alongside Dr. John Angelopoulos. Prior to COVID-19, Dr. Ezer was a clinician investigator in lung cancer research at the Research Institute of the MUHC and a respirologist at the Glen and Lachine sites.

"The staff at Lachine are so devoted, no matter how different our jobs are, they motivate me each time we cross paths. What matters is that we are in this together."

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