Inauguration of the New Department of Respiratory Medicine at the Mountain Campus

On December 14th, 2010, the Department of Respiratory Medicine inaugurated its new home in D7 at the Montreal General Hospital, and the department is brimming with newness.

Apart from it benefiting from more and better organized space and a general upgrade, it also boasts several other important features that ensure better patient flow, confidentiality, and dignity. Some of the more significant changes include: a brand new ventilation system; new closed waiting rooms that ensure no patients are waiting to receive treatment in the hallway; exam rooms that are separate from doctors’ offices (which ensures more efficient patient flow); a new negative pressure room; and a bronchoscopy room. Patients and employees will also be taking advantage of bigger windows, which allow more natural light to flow through the area.

Sincere thanks go to the MUHC Foundation, MGH Foundation and Gastroenterology Department, for having contributed to the funding of the project. Thanks also go to Christine Lavoie, Lucie Grégoire, Dr. Neil Colman, Dr. David Eidelman, Dr. Richard Menzies, Andrea Sanders, Diane Soulière, Richard Dilallo and the Technical Services team for all their support. Lastly, a great big thank you is sent to the staff and patients of the Department of Respiratory Medicine for their patience and cooperation.