Outline of the treatment process


  • Submit completed referral form
  • Book consultation and appointment times

Extended Insurance Claims (CDN Patients):  The most effective method to receive coverage is for a patient's medical doctor or psychiatrist to write a letter to the Insurance provider.  If appropriate, this letter should state the mandatory need of rTMS therapy for this patient's health and must be addressed to the Rehabilitation Department of the Insurance provider.  MUHC can provide an official letter confirming the patient's treatment schedule and costs, answer questions via email or phone, and offer a description of rTMS therapy.  


a)   First Day of Treatment:  

  • Tour of the facility
  • Complete a Patient Information Questionnaire (contact details, medication history, and emergency contact)

b)  Pre-treatment Interview:  An intake interview with an MUHC psychiatrist to review medical and psychiatric history, including discussion of any previous treatments and medication history.

  • Review and sign consent forms 
  • Complete standard assessment scales (Beck Depression Inventory and Hamilton Depression / Anxiety Scales and/or other applicable scales)  


Treatment:  rTMS treatment sessions will begin upon the supervising physician's approval. Treatment is administered by a trained rTMS technician and overseen by a medical doctor.

  • The technician will familiarize the patient with the equipment and treatment procedure prior to the first session 
  • Patients will be provided with a set of earplugs to protect the ears from the loud clicking noise during stimulation 
  • During treatment, patients are fully conscious and able to read or converse  



  • rTMS-MUHC treatment protocol consists of 20 to 30 rTMS sessions at the rate of one session per day, Monday to Friday
  • Each session lasts 30-60 minutes
  • In the case of late responders, 10 extra rTMS sessions could be recommended. This need will be assessed on an individual basis by trained medical staff. We strongly encourage patients to reserve free time in case additional treatment sessions are needed


Last Day of Treatment: Patients will be scheduled for an appointment with the supervising psychiatrist.

  • Patient Take-Home Package, consisting of a Patient Satisfaction Survey, to be mailed back to The MUHC-NEUROMODULATION UNIT
  • Patient Report. A Physician's Report will be mailed to the patient's referring doctor


Follow-up:  The MUHC - NEUROMODULATION UNIT team cares about each patient's progress following treatment.  It is our priority to keep contact with patients and they are encouraged to do the same.  Regular follow-up via telephone and/or email will be maintained.  Patients can expect to hear from the team at 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and one year following the final rTMS treatment.  


Maintenance:  Maintenance treatment will typically consist of half the number of treatments received for acute therapy.  On average, patients return for maintenance therapy after 6-12 months.  This will vary from patient to patient.  Patients are encouraged to contact us immediately should they feel uncertain about their mood state or whether they require maintenance sessions.