MUHC Laboratory Requisitions and consultations


DM-6310 COVID-19 External requisition for testing done outside hospital setting (revised 2021-08-19)

DM-6311 COVID-19 Adult Internal requisition - Hospital settings only (revised 2022-11-07)

DM-6329 COVID-19 MCH Internal requisition - Hospital settings only (revised 2022-11-07) Print on pink paper

DM-6333 COVID-19 Lachine Internal requisition - Hospital settings only (revised 2022-11-07)

Guidelines for obtaining specimens for laboratory testing from a patient under investigation for a SARS-CoV-2 infection


Authorization for testing not available in Québec (AH-612 form)

Print and complete

Complete On-line and Print


Biochemical Genetics

DM-3344 Biochemical Genetic requisition (revised 2020-12-18)

DM-6370 MUHC Internal Requisition for Cell Culture (2022-03-23)


Central Lab/Serology/Flow Cytometry/ARV 


DM-3165 Central laboratory: Requisition for internal patients (adults) - (revised 2016-08-22)

DM-3172 Central laboratory: Requisition for internal patients (children) (revised 2016-08-02)


DM-5502 Laboratories: Requisition for external patients (revised 2016-03-31)

Flow Cytometry

DM-6363 Central laboratory: Requisition for Flow cytometry (2021-10-26)


DM-2747 ARV: Data collection form for antiretroviral therapeutic drug monitoring (revised 2016-12-22)


DM-3114 Central laboratory (Montreal General hospital only): Requisition for STAT requests (version 2017-07-10)


DM-5003 Laboratoires - Rapid response requisition (Lachine Campus only) (revised 2016-02-25)


CMDL (Core Molecular diagnostic Lab)

DM-4632 Molecular Diagnostics requisition (version 2016-07-14)

DM-5320 Solid Tumour Panel requisition (version 2022-03-23)

DM-5891 Molecular Genetics requisition (version 2022-03-29)

DM-4766 Informed consent form for Molecular Genetic testing (version 2015-11-11)

DPYD Genotyping instructions (2020-01-22)




DM-5316 Cytogenetics requisition for IUFD and stillbirth (2021-10-21)

DM 5328 Cytogenetics Requisition for Hematology/Oncology (2022-07-05)

DM 5329 Cytogenetics Requisition for Postnatal analysis: Karyotype and FISH only  (2022-07-05)

DM-5834 Cytogenetics requisition Prenatal analysis (revised 2018-07-13)

DM-5836 Cytogenetics requisition Tissue FISH (revised 2018-07-13)

DM-5885 Cytogenetics requisition Postnatal Chromosomal SNP Microarray (2019-11-11)

Consent forms

DM-6148 Chromosomal SNP Microarray test: Information and Consent form for the pediatric population (2021-05-31)

DM-6150 Chromosomal SNP Microarray test: Information and Consent form for adults (2021-05-31)

DM-6413 Targeted Chromosomal SNP Microarray test: Information and Consent (2021-04-16)

Information for karyotype and FISH testing

Summary for karyotype and FISH testing of adult hematology-oncology specimens (revised 2022-06-23)


Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics Laboratory (HLA)

DM-4606 Tissue typing laboratory (HLA) (revised 2016-03-16)


Microbiology  (Requisitions for tests referred out to external labs)

B-D-Glucane CHUL Requisition (revised  2018 08 16)

Bacterial identification by 16S rRNA LSPQ Requisition (version: V03)

Pneumocystis jirovecii detection by PCR LSPQ Requisition (revised 2021 02)

Human papilloma virus  (HR HPV) detection CHUM, CHUL Requisition (revised 2021-01)


Microbiology/ Parasitology/ Malaria/ Lyme disease

DM-3103 Parasitology (revised 2018-07-13) - Guide on how to complete requisition

DM-3166 Microbiology requisition (revised 2019-10-22) (Guide on how to complete requisition)

DM-5302 Microbiology requisition for Lyme disease (2019-10-24)

DM-5602 Malaria Reference Service requisition (revised 2017 02 07)


Pathology / Cytopathology

DM-3111 Pathology consultation requisition (revised 2016-03-16)

DM-4644 Pathology Special stains requisition (version 2022-06-08)

DM-5047 Cytopathology non gynecological requisition (revised 2016-09-20)

DM-5049 Cytopathology gynecological requisition (revised 2016-05-25)

DM-5811 Immunohistochemistry requisition (version 2022-05-16)

DM-5824 Request for placental examination (requisition) (version 2022-03-22)

Instructions and forms for requesting or sending for tests/material

Procedure, Instructions and form - Renal Biopsy (2022-01-26)

Form for Taking Possession of Pathology Material (FORM 924) (2022-01-21)

Instructions for requesting pediatric autopsies

Procedure for requesting pediatric, perinatal or fetal autopsy (SOP 880) (2021-12-16)

Form: Request for pediatric, perinatal or fetal autopsy at the MUHC-Glen (Form 1119) (2021-12-14)

Form: Notification that requested autopsy has been completed (Form 1120) (2021-12-14)


Transfusion services

DM-3472 Services transfusionnels (revised 2016-03-07)