Our services

MUSIC offers individual, couple and family support, and group workshops in addition to short-term individual psychotherapy, as well as couple and family psychotherapy to individuals with sexual orientation or gender identity issues. Because it is not always clear what kind of support would be most helpful, we offer an initial consultation to assess your situation and help determine which support is right for you.


Initial consultation

Once we receive your consultation request, we will contact you and send you an information package including questionnaires that you will need to fill out. Once these are filled out and sent back to us, we can schedule an initial appointment. The purpose of this initial meeting is to understand the difficulties that have led you to seek help. At the end of the assessment, we will discuss the different therapeutic modalities that would address your needs. Sometimes, people require additional services outside those offered at MUSIC. Should this happen, we can refer you to other hospital and community services that are sensitive to the needs of our population. MUSIC sometimes works in collaboration with other services when required.


Short-term individual psychotherapy

At the end of your assessment, you may be offered short-term individual psychotherapy with a member of our team. The number can vary from a few sessions up to a maximum of 12 sessions depending on the issue being addressed. Not all issues are suitable for short-term work. Due to limited resources, MUSIC does not offer long-term individual psychotherapy but we can refer you to private psychologists in the community who are sensitive to the needs of our population.


Couple and family therapy

We offer couple and family therapy to a diverse array of family constellations. All families negotiate conflict on a regular basis. Sometimes a new situation arises that leads the couple or family to get stuck in the conflict. In these situations, almost everyone feels that their viewpoint is not being heard. At MUSIC, we can provide a comfortable environment where every member of the couple or family can be heard, and a skilled therapist to help the couple or family work through their impasse.



We also offer several groups depending on enrollment at any given time. groups tend to be 6 to 12 weekly sessions and language is based on the people enrolled. Our groups include: 

  • Queer and Trauma
  • Gender Embodiment
  • Parents of Trans and Non-Binary


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