About us

The McGill University Sexual Identity Centre (MUSIC) is an outpatient clinic in the department of psychiatry of the McGill University Health Centre and is situated in the Montreal General Hospital site. MUSIC opened its doors in September 1999 and has developed an expertise in sexual orientation and gender identity issues. There are many healthy expressions of sexuality and gender. MUSIC provides a safe environment where no assumptions are made about the one’s identities. Diversity is respected in order to facilitate effective support. MUSIC does not offer or endorse “conversion” or “reparative” therapy.


Our mission

MUSIC’s mission is to reduce mental suffering related to homophobia, heterosexism, transphobia and cissexism. In order to do so, MUSIC endeavors to eliminate the societal discrimination against people of sexual or gender diversity (LGBTQ people), reduce the internalization of these negative attitudes and treat their ill effects. These objectives are pursued through direct clinical services, education and training of other health professionals, research, community involvement, and advocacy.