Mental Health

Mental Health care includes psychiatry and psychology internal and external services, as well as a consultation-liaison service. We offer a wide variety of individual and group therapies to our patient population. 

External Services
External Services include the Module for Evaluation and Liaison (MEL), which provides consultation and brief follow-up for new patients referred from the Emergency Room or the CLSC. We also offer the various programs which utilize interprofessional expertise in treating the symptoms of a specific diagnostic group.

In-Patient Services 
The In-Patient Services are located at the Montreal General Hospital on the renovated in-patient units 4E and 4W.  We have 49 acute-care beds to treats patients at the most acute phase of their illness and stabilize their condition to ensure that they can return to the community. The unit had the opportunity to participate in the pilot project of the innovative TCAB (Total Care at Bedside) program.

Consultation-Liaison Service
The Consultation-Liaison Service is offered by an interprofessional team, consisting of psychiatrists and nurses who provide consultations to the Inpatient services in Medicine, Surgery, Neurology and Women’s Health. The liaison branch of the service has mental health professionals working in close collaboration with adult services such as the HIV Clinic, Transplantation, Oncology and Fertility.

Psychiatric Emergency Services
Psychiatric Emergency Services are offered with 24 hour coverage. There are two Psychiatric Emergency Services, one on each adult site, with 24-hour coverage.  The Emergency Departments (ED) serve as the point of admission to the In-Patient Unit.  Not all patients require admission. Our liaison team ensures that patients are referred to the resources they require to help them recover.  

Activities and Programs