Department of Medical Genetics

Is your patient pregnant? If you are a physician, and wish to discuss the referral of a pregnant patient, please call 514-406-0363 to speak with the genetic counselor on-call for the prenatal genetics team.

To simply refer the patient, please send your consultation request and supporting documents to 514-412-4296. For a hereditary cancer consultation, please use the Polyposis-colorectal Cancer Referral Form or the Breast/ovarian Cancer Referral Form. The consultation request will be triaged within 24 hours.

Referral criteria & forms


Medical Genetics services are provided by a multidisciplinary team comprised of geneticists, genetic counsellors, pediatricians, dieticians, nurses, molecular geneticists, and cytogeneticists. The goal is to diagnose, treat and prevent congenital and hereditary disorders. 

The team provides specialized services in the field of General Genetics, Cancer Genetics, Biochemical Genetics and Prenatal Diagnosis. These services are provided within the McGill University Health Centre at the Montreal Children’s and Royal Victoria Hospitals. We provide preconception, prenatal and postnatal evaluation, as well as risk assessment and counselling. We offer community screening for common Ashkenazi Jewish disorders, and serve as a referral centre for hereditary metabolic conditions.

We act on physician-based referrals, and provide support services to physicians, nurses and other allied health care professionals involved in clinical as well as preconception/prenatal care. Our patient population consists of patients of various ethnic origins from the McGill RUIS (Réseau universitaire intégré de santé) hospitals, but also from other regional hospitals (Montreal suburbs) and various cities throughout the province. This also includes Northern Quebec, for which we collaborate with the Northern Quebec Module and Cree Patient Services. Telemedicine services are available for coordinated care.