Our mandate

The RBC Art and Heritage Centre mandate

In addition to responsibilities related to the collection and identification of current heritage artefacts and archives, the RBC Art and Heritage Centre is mandated to:

  • Lead decision-making activities regarding all future acquisitions related to the MUHC’s heritage, including collection development,
  • Recommend strategic objectives for the management of and public access to the MUHC heritage collection, including the Centre’s dedicated annual budget, volunteers and promotional program development,
  • Work collaboratively with the Transition Support Office, and continue to coordinate regularly with the Planning Office, Legacy Committee, its subcommittees and the Marketing Department,
  • Coordinate regularly with MUHC Communications to ensure a unified, efficient and professional approach to the promotion of the MUHC’s social and artistic history,
  • Programming built around the collection will assist in creating the HEALING environment for our patients and their families while also offering them positive diversions, and aesthetic, engaging and educational opportunities for our staff, and visitors.
  • Ensure the conservation, the inventory, the description, and the management of institutional archives (excluding patient and other records excluded by law and research records) deemed for permanent retention by the retention schedule, in all formats;
  • Acquire private archives from groups or individuals, in accordance with the mission statement of the institution;
  • Provide access to the Archives of the MUHC to external researchers and internal departments of the MUHC;
  • Raise awareness from the public regarding unique and authentic archival records;


The Art and Heritage Centre mandate