Undergraduate and Graduate Courses in Addiction

For McGill Students Only

Issues In Drug Dependence  - PSYT-301         

Course Description:  Drug dependence is discussed from a multi-disciplinary perspective. The objectives are to develop an understanding of drug action, as well as the etiology and treatment of drug dependence. Topics include diagnostic criteria and clinical features of drug dependence, use/abuse patterns, pharmacokinetics as well as the pharmacology and neurobiology of drugs of abuse. Students participate in presentations and debates on topical issues (e.g. legalization of cannabis). Current theoretical and experimental issues are discussed.

Advanced Studies in Addiction - PSYT 515/715

Course Description: Advanced Studies in Addiction is a seminar format course aimed at graduate students in Neuroscience, Psychology, and Psychiatry. The course critically assesses research tools, reported data, and theoretical perspectives on drug addiction, with an emphasis on multi-factorial and inter-disciplinary approaches. The influence of genetics, neurochemical pathways, stress, childhood abuse and neglect, and personality on the development and maintenance of addiction are considered in an integrated fashion.

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