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Vol. 6, Issue 3, March 2015


  Annual Report 2013-2014Annual Reports

2013 - 2014 Annual Report  Read online
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2012 - 2013 Financial Report

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MES Winter 2015Montreal en Santé

Published quarterly, this is a print magazine and is also available in pdf format.

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      enBref Jan2014MUHC en Bref 
Vol. 6, Issue 1, January, 2015

Lachine en Bref 
Vol. 4, Issue 1, February 2013


Enbref February 2014MUHC en Bref

EnBref (Special Edition)
February 2014

 Glen Campus Flash

A monthly newsletter highlighting news on the construction of the New MUHC.

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Chez nous - The Montreal Children's Hospital

Employee Newsletter

 The Montreal Childrens Hospital Where Kids Come First newsletter

Parents stay informed and keep kids healthy



MUHC Health Education Collection

Here you will find patient education resources used by healthcare professionals at the MUHC. This includes reliable and up-to-date information about diseases and conditions, medical procedures and tests.

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 Neuro News

The Neuro News is a monthly electronic newsletter highlighting activities at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital.

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