What communities were affected by the construction of this new hospital? And were they able to participate during the planning process?

community meeting

The Glen is situated at the nexus of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, the South-West and Westmount. Since the beginning of the construction phase and up to its completion in November of 2014, the MUHC, in conjunction with the City of Montreal, local residents, merchants, and other partners, held the Good Neighbourly Relations Committee. These monthly working sessions, open to the public, addressed planning, construction-related issues and other concerns, and aimed to find solutions together. The Good Neighbourly Committee held its last meeting on October 28 2014. 

Public Information Sessions were also held to inform the public about the upcoming MUHC move and surrounding work in the neighborhood. For more information: http://muhc.ca/2015/page/construction-2

Moreover, extensive studies were carried out to assess the impacts of hospital relocation to insure a better integration within the community. For more information: http://muhc.ca/2015/page/studies 

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