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Professional sectors

Audiologist, Social Worker, Genetic Counsellor, Ethics Counsellor, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Psychologist, Psychoeducator, Computer Analyst, Pharmacist, Dietician-Nutritionist, etc.

Hédi works as an Occupational Hygienist - Ergonomist. One of his favourite after-hours activities is running, and he even participates in marathons! 

I choose to work at the MUHC because of the diversity of the work environment and the flexibility it offers me in my daily life. As an Occupational Hygienist - Ergonomist, my role is to explore, analyse and understand a multitude of professions in the hospital sector. I strive to help teams develop a work environment that's not only healthy, but where people feel that they can achieve their performance goals. 

Running is a perfect analogy for my mission. With running, as in my profession, performance is influenced by a multitude of adjustable factors. It is essential to act judiciously with regards to these factors in order to see victory.

Hédi, Occupational Hygienist - Ergonomist at the MUHC

What sets us apart

  • Teams that are motivated, passionate and, above all, filled with curiosity  
  • A collaborative multidisciplinary work environment  
  • Opportunities to discover and learn new things every day 
  • The opportunity to practice in a variety of area of specialties 
  • Being surrounded by the latest technologies 
  • The possibility of mobility, development and change in the professional field 
  • A bilingual environment, English and French  
  • Patient care is the driving force behind our work and the basis for excellence in the care we provide 
  • Stimulating academic work environment where training and professional development activities are strongly encouraged 
  • Flexible working hours favouring a work-life balance  

The MUHC offers exceptional quality, patient-centred, complex multidisciplinary care in a bilingual environment. Affiliated with McGill University, the MUHC contributes to the evolution of knowledge and best practice guidelines, providing the best evidence-based care for life! 

  • Orientation for newly hired employees  
  • Dynamic academic environment with all the specialties 
  • Ultramodern equipment 
  • Multidisciplinary teams 
  • Employee recognition program

Opportunities to grow professionally 

  • Continuing education and training (workshops, conferences, etc.)  
  • Choose from many specialties offered in our hospitals  
  • Transfer from one hospital to another without losing your seniority and accumulated benefits, such as vacation time and sick days 

Work in pediatrics at the Montreal Children's Hospital, or venture into adult care at the Royal Victoria Hospital, The Neuro, the Lachine Hospital and Camille Lefebvre Pavilion, or in trauma at the Montreal General Hospital. 

Join our friendly and passionate team.  

At the MUHC, your work is a career, a contribution, an impactful intervention; helping children, adults and the elderly to obtain the best care for life.

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