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MUHC in the News - May 10, 2019

Kévin Gamelin

"One day, I'm going to walk again"

Neurosurgeon Dr. Carlo Santaguida operated Kévin Gamelin in the middle of the night at the Montreal General Hospital, just hours after his motorcycle accident: TVA,  Journal de Montréal.


Emily G. McDonald

Too many ineffective painkillers prescribed

First designed to treat epilepsy, gabapentinoids are now used to relieve chronic pain. "It was a shock to see that it's so common," says lead author Emily G. McDonald, an internal medicine physician at the MUHC: TVAJournal de MontréalJournal de Québec.


Dennis Partington

Beaconsfield sculptor banishes negative thoughts of ruinous disease

Dennis Partington beat the odds against gastrointestinal stomal tumor (GIST) and now attends art therapy classes organized by the Cedars Cancer Centre: Montreal Gazette.


Dr. Kaberi Dasgupta

Maternal gestational diabetes linked to diabetes in children

Are your kids at risk of developing type 1 diabetes if you had gestational diabetes? Dr. Kaberi Dasgupta, and her colleagues of the Research Institute of the MUHC, published research findings showing that children of moms who had gestational diabetes were more likely to develop diabetes before the age of 22. She was interviewed by CTV MontrealCBC Homerun 88.5 fmLa Presse CanadienneLes éclaireurs à ICI Radio-Canada, etc.


Dr. Nada Jabado

Canadian research into childhood brain cancer

A Canadian research team has identified earliest traces of brain cancer long before the disease becomes symptomatic. Dr Nada Jabado, co-author of the research, who is a researcher at the Montreal Children’s Hospital and the Research Institute of the MUHC, was interviewed by La Presse CanadienneRadio-Canada InternationalRadio-CanadaScience Mag, etc.