MUHC in the News | July 20, 2018


Cholera progresses in the shadow of Ebola

The first step in curbing the spread of cholera is to provide safe drinking water, says Cédric Yansouni, deputy director of the J.D. MacLean Center for Tropical Diseases at McGill University and physician at the Tropical Diseases Clinic of the MUHC. Read the article in La Presse.

sun protection

Top tips to protect your skin in the summer heat

"It's a good idea to make [applying sunscreen] a daily habit so you don't get caught off guard," said Dr. Beatrice Wang, director of the Melanoma Clinic at the MUHC. People should wear sunscreen year-round, especially as weather conditions become more extreme, she told CBC Montreal's Daybreak.

This story was also featured in: Journal MetroL’ActualitéRadio-CanadaHuffington Post and Radio Canada International (in French).


 HIV virus, still very much present

HIV virus, still very much present

Dr. Jean-Pierre Routy, a senior scientist from the Infectious Diseases and Immunity in Global Health (IDIGH) Program at the RI-MUHC and a hematologist at the Chronic Viral Illness Service of the MUHC, was interviewed by Radio-Canada’s show L’heure du monde.


A first in Canada for a new technique in surgical emergencies

A first in Canada for a new technique in surgical emergencies

A new technique that can save many minutes and major invasive surgery was performed recently for the first time in Canada at the Montreal General Hospital. Dr. Andrew Beckett, a trauma surgeon at the MUHC, spoke with Radio Canada International.