MUHC in the News | January 28, 2019

 Dr. Dominic Chalut 

Successful Code Orange response gets front page coverage

Pediatric emergency physician Dr. Dominic Chalut, medical co-director of Emergency Measures for MUHC Dr. Elene Khalil, and MCH associate director of nursing Margaret Ruddy, were featured on the front page of the Montreal Gazette on the Montreal Children’s Hospital’s successful Code Orange response.


 Dr. Brett Burstein

Inappropriate prescription of antibiotics for children suffering from bronchiolitis

CTV Montreal, Global TV and Quebec Science report on Dr. Brett Burstein, pediatric emergency physician at the Montreal Children’s Hospital and clinician-scientist at the MUHC’s Research Institute, who published a study showcasing that children under the age of two are still being prescribed antibiotics for bronchiolitis, even though antibiotics cannot help treat viral infections.


Dr. Sanjeet-Singh Saluja

Montreal General Hospital sees influx of patients due to icy weather

Emergency physician Dr. Sanjeet-Singh Saluja spoke about the influx of patients being admitted to the Montreal General Hospital due to the icy winter weather conditions to Global TV and CTV Montreal.


Dr. Brian Ward

Study: Flu vaccine more effective in 2019

Dr. Brian Ward, an infectious disease specialist at the MUHC, spoke with Radio-Canada about the impressive results of a study that indicated the2018-’19 vaccine against the flu in Canada is over 70 percent effective.


Dr. Jean-Pierre Routy

Testicles for the benefit of science

Dr. Jean-Pierre Routy, hematologist and researcher at the RI-MUHC, gave an interview to Le Devoir about his research project examining how and why viruses, such as HIV, hide in the testicles.


 Deborah Fleming

MUHC nutritionist on the dietary shakeup

MUHC Nutritionist and Manager of Clinical Nutrition Services Deborah Fleming talked to CTV News about the new Canadian food guide.