Update: Power outage at the Glen site

Montreal, July 25, 2018

Montreal, July 25, 2018 – On July 23rd, the MUHC was struck by a critical power outage due to a gas leak in NDG. The outage lasted 51 minutes and affected several adult clinical areas of the Glen site, namely the emergency and operating rooms.

Fortunately, thanks to the resilience and professionalism of our care teams and doctors, no adverse impacts on patient health and safety have been reported. Some patients have experienced delays and have had their care plans modified. The patients and families have been notified of the underlying reasons for such changes. 

Though a full analysis is underway and is yet to be completed by MUHC and Groupe immobilier de santé McGill (GISM) teams, we can assert that one of the 11 generators did not function properly. Current hypotheses point to a faulty electrical component coupled with a possible human error in the building control room.  All generator systems were verified Monday afternoon and are again in ready mode. 

The MUHC considers the 51-minute power outage a serious event and is working diligently with its partner GISM to significantly reduce the risk of a similar event from occurring. 

The MUHC wishes to apologize for any inconvenience experienced by patients and thanks its staff for their impressive collaboration in maintaining continuity of care during this power outage.