Some Women's Health services at Glen are moving to new location from March 25, 2019


Please take note of upcoming changes to Women's Health at the Glen site: all colposcopy and some gynecology services will move to new location as of March 25, 2019

Same services, covered by RAMQ

The following physicians have elected to move their offices to Brunswick Medical Center @ Glen 

Dr. Barbara Bodmer

Dr. Srinivasan Krishnamurthy

Dr. Richard Brown 1

Dr. Fady Mansour 2

Dr. William Buckett

Dr. Jessica Papillon-Smith 2 

Dr. Paul Fournier

1 Gynecology patients only

2 Colposcopy and Gynecology patients only

Gynecology and colposcopy patients of Dr. Jens-Erik Walter will now be seen at Les Cours Medical Centre.

The majority of Women's Health clinics will remain at the Royal Victoria Hospital site, including IPRAC; Recurring Pregnancy Loss (RPL); Obstetrics; Women's Health Nursing Clinic; LEEP procedures.