Research teams awarded nearly $12 million in CIHR funding

RI awards

Understanding the role of genetics in the mechanisms underlying preterm birth, examining sex and gender differences in cardiovascular health outcomes,  implementing collaborative tools to improve youth mental health and wellness in Nunavik – these are just a few of the health-related projects investigators at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC) will be conducting thanks to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and their Project Grant: Spring 2018 results competition.

Seventeen projects across the RI-MUHC received a total of $ 11,888,658 million in project and bridge grant funding. The competition has approved 369 research grants, plus an additional 39 bridge grants for a total investment of approximately $277 million across Canada.

“Congratulations on our research teams’ success at the 2018 CIHR competition grants. In today's funding climate, this is very impressive and shows their ability to stay ahead of the curve,” says Dr. Bruce Mazer, Interim Executive Director and Chief Scientific Officer of the RI-MUHC."I wish them continued success and best of luck with their projects designed to innovate in human health research and to benefit the population.’’

The funding will allow recipients to pursue work to accelerate discoveries of benefit to human health.

The CIHR Project Grant program is designed to capture ideas with the greatest potential to advance health-related fundamental or applied knowledge, health research, health care, health systems, and/or health outcomes.

Congratulations to all of the recipients and their teams!

Below is a list of the RI-MUHC affiliated recipients of CIHR Project Grant (Spring 2018) competition:

Sasha Bernatsky
Co-applicants: Audrey Smargiassi (co-PI), Michal M Abrahamowicz, Juan A Avina-Zubieta, Philip Awadalla, Hong Chen, Trevor J Dummer, Mark S Goldberg, Sonia Jean, Markey Johnson, John Joseph Spinelli, Deborah M Levy, Scott A Weichenthal, Jessica Widdifield.
Air pollution and systemic autoimmune rheumatic diseases

Daniel Dufort
Co-applicants: Maziar Divangahi
Elucidating the role of Nodal signaling in the establishment and maintenance of pregnancy

Edward J Harvey
Co-applicants: Sharmistha Bhadra, Judith Marcoux, Géraldine Merle
Advanced sensors for acute and chronic brain injury

Todd Lee
Co-applicants: Emily G McDonald (co-PI), Marcel A Behr, Isaac Bogoch, Nick Daneman, Nandini Dendukuri, Gerald A Evans, Guillaume Butler-Laporte Louis-Charles Fortier, Charles H Frenette, Susy S Hota, Marina B Klein, Alexander Lawandi, Robyn Lee, Victor Leung, Yves Longtin, Vivian G Loo, Allison J McGeer, Matthew P Muller, Caroline Nott, Jeff Powis, Linda R Taggart, Theodore S Steiner, Kathryn N Suh, Louis Valiquette.
Initial vancomycin taper for the prevention of recurrent Clostridium difficile infection

Lucie Nadeau
Co-applicants: Sarah Fraser (co-PI), Laurence Kirmayer, Eduardo Chachamovich, Shawn Hordyk, Ana Gomez-Carrillo Castro, Pierre Pluye, Araceli Gonzalez Reyes
Atautsikut: Implementing a Community of Practice in Youth Mental Health and Wellness in Nunavik

Martin Olivier
Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Leishmania-Macrophage Interaction: Impact on Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Progression

Louise Pilote
Co-applicants: Rachel P Dreyer (co-PI), Valeria Raparelli
Sex and Gender-related Differences in Access to Care for Premature ACS: Does the Health Care System Matter

Constantin Polychronakos
Co-applicants: Meranda Nakhla, Jean-Baptiste Rivière
Precision diagnostics in childhood diabetes; therapeutic implications

Salman T Qureshi
Co-applicants: Yojiro Yamanaka
Functional and genetic susceptibility to progressive cryptococcal pneumonia

Joyce Rauch
Targeting RIPK3 as a key regulator in the development of systemic lupus erythematosus

Janet E Rennick
Co-applicants: Karine Vigneault (co-PI), Karen D Dryden-Palmer, Isabelle St-Sauveur, Francine Buchanan, Eyal Cohen, Saleem I Razack, Franco A Carnevale, Susan K Law, Hema Patel, Xun Zhang, Patricia S Fontela
When Expertise Collides: Using Experience-Based Co-Design to Enhance Care Experiences for Children with Medical Complexity in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Christian Rocheleau
Characterization of the TBC1D2 family of Rab GAPs in endosome trafficking

Don Sheppard
Co-applicants: Todd L Lowary, Brian J Ward
Development of immunotherapeutics against Aspergillus fumigatus

Tomoko Takano
Co-applicants: Nathalie Lamarche-Vane
Role of beta-PIX and CdGAP in the pathogenesis of proteinuria

George Thanassoulis
Co-applicants: James C Engert (co-PI), Mark Lathrop Brent Richards
Genomics of Aortic Stenosis - an International Collaboration

Don van Meyel
Dissecting mechanisms by which Excitatory Amino Acid Transporters (EAATs) contribute to CNS function and neurological diseases

Jeremy Van Raamsdonk
Molecular mechanisms underlying a mitochondria-to-nucleus signaling pathway that promotes longevity