The Glen site - looking back and looking forward

One year ago today, the Royal Victoria Hospital on Pine Avenue closed its doors (for the first time in its 122 year history) and the first patients were welcomed to the new Glen site of the MUHC. A few weeks later, the Montreal Chest Institute and the Montreal Children’s Hospital also moved to the Glen. Together, these moves were the largest hospital relocations in Canadian history.

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Over the past year, there have been incredible achievements in patient care: 

  • The Glen site’s surgical teams have conducted nearly 17,000 complex procedures including our first parent-child transplant under the same roof
  • The first patient was treated with the new CyberKnife M6 radiation therapy machine – a revolution in cancer treatment – and another 73 have followed since then
  • In total there were over 78,000 visits to the Cedars Cancer Centre 
  • The Glen Emergency departments have been extremely busy with more than 120,000 visits, an increase of approximately 20 per cent from previous years at the legacy sites

Patient surveys have demonstrated that 75 per cent of inpatients needing acute care at the Glen said they would recommend to their siblings to be treated there

The Research Institute of the MUHC has also continued to expand medical knowledge and improve clinical care, running 1,700 research projects this year, involving collaborations in over 40 countries.

Together, we have realized the vision of building one of the most innovative academic health centres in North America.