Meet Khouanheun Phonsavatdy


Khouanheun Phonsavatdy, Float Nurse in the Medical Surgical Care Unit and Day Surgery at Lachine Hospital

“To be a nurse, you have to have passion, and you have to like people,” says Khouanheun (known as Khouan) Phonsavatdy, who has been working at the Lachine Hospital for the past 14 years.

Phonsavatdy did well in school and was interested in many subjects, so when it came time to choose a career path, she had several options.  Her sister was already working as a nurse at the Lachine Hospital, so that helped influence her decision.  “This career was made for me,” says Phonsavatdy, who takes great pride in being a nurse. 

Her supervisor, Nurse Manager Céline Dufour, refers to Phonsavatdy as “calm waters” because she is able to so effectively soothe patients who are feeling anxious.  

As a member of the hospital float team, Phonsavatdy works primarily in the Medical Surgical Care Unit and Day Surgery, occasionally helping out in Palliative Care.  Each department is quite different, and so she must adapt her approach accordingly.  She also works as “preceptrice”, orienting new nurses to the service.    

Phonsavatdy enjoys working with patients and as part of a team for the patients. “Tout le monde pour le patient!”  she  proclaims,  “c’est ma façon de travailler.”