World Pharmacist Day, September 25

Thank you to Catherine and all her colleagues for the great work they do. 

Join us on September 25 as we celebrate World Pharmacist Day. 

Catherine Sicard is a pharmacist at the Glen site. 

What led you to becoming a pharmacist? 

Initially, it was my interest in medical science and the desire to work with people.  

However, I didn’t realize that there is such a wide choice of career path options when someone becomes a pharmacist.  

Choosing to work as a hospital pharmacist has allowed me to fulfill my desire to use scientific knowledge to help patients and their families, to support them in their decisions concerning drug therapy and, at the same time, contribute to research and the goal to improve the quality of patient care. 

What is the best advice that someone at the MUHC ever gave you? 

“It’s not about the destination, but the journey.” 

Whether it is in our personal challenges and projects, in our family life, or even our work each day, realizing the adventure is as important as the destination has made me appreciate the present moment, while keeping sight of my long-term goals. 

Tell us about working with your fellow pharmacists. 

I see the work of a pharmacist as much an individual thing as it is collaborative. 

At the MUHC, I see my colleagues a bit like other players on the same team. 

In one day, a multitude of people - adults or children - receive pharmaceutical care from a dedicated pharmacist with their own approach, strengths and specialties. At the same time, as a team, the common objective of MUHC pharmacists is to proudly represent their profession and evolve the work of pharmacists by adapting to new realities and changing practices. 

How do you like to relax and unwind after a shift? 

Exercising! Whether it is swimming, biking or running, for me, putting movement into my daily routine is the best way to maintain good mental health, have a balanced life and stay happy!