World Teacher’s Day: MUHC educators on the front lines

"On this World Teachers' Day, we are pleased to recognize the outstanding work of MUHC's educators. In these times of crisis and great changes, their resilience and dedication have unquestionably enabled them to meet the challenges the pandemic has brought to the healthcare system.

Teaching is a priority mission of the MUHC, and through the creativity and initiatives of our members, we have responded to the crisis. We have put in place a wide range of tools to help students pursue their learning confidently, in a safe environment, including distance learning. We have seen a remarkable acceleration in the development of simulations on our hospital sites. This was instrumental in preparing our clinical teams to respond to COVID-19 and giving them the confidence to do so.

Thank you for having had the courage to reinvent education and to allow the next generation to continue its journey in this unprecedented situation. "

Dr. Elene Khalil, Director of Education, MUHC