We are stronger thanks to our nurse practitioners

Nurse practitioners are highly educated medical professionals who occupy a broader scope of clinical practice, incorporating into their activities things that were previously done only by physicians. With extensive training, they fulfill not only their role as registered nurses, but they also diagnose, educate, and write prescriptions for their patients. A hospital that’s equipped with a nurse practitioner becomes a stronger hospital indeed—and the MUHC is fortunate enough to have 40 of them! Have a look at all of the amazing things that our NPs do in a day.    

What fulfills NPs at the MUHC?

"What I love most about being an NP are the relationships you build with your patients and their families. Following kids from infancy until the age of 18, you learn not only their medical history but also who they are as people and their values. It is a privilege to do this role and to be an advocate for my patients."   
— Vanessa Di Schiavi, NP     
"When we manage to avoid an emergency room visit or when a patient expresses satisfaction with their follow-ups, that's the best part of my job. The exceptional learning and the fun teamwork, too! I became a nurse practitioner to help provide greater access and timeliness of care. "   
— Leila Holden, NP     
"At the MUHC, I have found a place where the advanced nursing role is valued. Becoming an NP is the culmination of my nursing journey. I have the autonomy associated with the scope of my skills, and I see that the role benefits families and the Quebec healthcare system at large. Here at the MUHC, we are given the means to achieve our professional ambitions."   
— Marie-Joelle Bédard, NP    
"NPs work directly with clients and they collaborate with our nursing and medical teams. They will educate both patients and their families, but also medical and nursing colleagues and students from various professions. We are beyond privileged to have the NPs that we do here at the MUHC."     
— Valerie Ann Laforest, Manager of Advanced Practice Nursing