Vaccination extended to certain people with chronic diseases

Following ministerial directives, the MUHC will gradually extend as of April 16 COVID-19 vaccination to certain people under 60 years of age with chronic diseases, namely, for:

  • People who are currently hospitalized with a condition that puts them at risk of complications from COVID-19;
  • Patients who receive renal dialysis treatment in the hospital;
  • Transplant recipients and those expecting to be transplanted imminently;
  • People currently being treated for cancer who are in active treatment, i.e. have an appointment for treatment at the Cedars Cancer Centre, or who will soon begin their treatment;
  • People with neurodegenerative problems at an advanced stage or other condition leading to significant difficulties in managing respiratory secretions.

The detailed list of chronic diseases and health problems and the instructions for vaccination can be found on this page.

If you fall into one of the above categories and your physician recommends it, you will be contacted in one of three ways :

  • You will receive a phone call confirming your vaccination appointment
  • You will receive an email from Clic Santé with your appointment
  • You will receive a text from Clic Santé with your appointment

Please do not call the MUHC Call Centre, the clinic where you are being followed or your treating physician.

This phase is for people who have not yet received their first dose. If you have already received your first dose, please make sure to keep your appointment for the second dose.

We remind you that if you are part of previously targeted priority groups, you can always make an appointment on Clic Santé to access a population-based vaccination clinic: