Update: Computer system failure

The MUHC would like to provide an update on our current status regarding the computer system failure experienced on September 30. 

At the present moment, all clinical systems are fully functional.

An analysis of the event has confirmed that it was not caused by a cyberattack, but rather by faulty equipment, which in turn caused the malfunction of our redundancy.

The MUHC network currently has redundant data centres across two sites in a private cloud. Due to the nature of the crash on Monday, redundant systems did not automatically initiate across the other systems. This impacted both internal and external access, denying our ability to access existing cloud-based services as well.  

Based on this analysis, we are presently working on an action plan to minimize the risks of such incidents reoccurring in the future. We are presently in the process of reviewing the cause of this system failure with our manufacturer and implementing additional layers of proactive monitoring.

We sincerely regret the impact of this event on our patients and their family and we thank our staff, who worked diligently to maintain hospital operations and ensure patient care and safety.