Stroke/neurology and TBI services consolidation

The consolidation of stroke/neurology inpatient services at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) will finally become a reality on Thursday October 17, 2019. Stroke/neurology beds from the 14th floor of the Montreal General Hospital (MGH) will be transferred to the Montreal Neurological Hospital (MNH). At the same time, beds for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) patients on MGH 14th will merge with the ortho/trauma unit of the MGH, under the Surgical Mission.

How will this move benefit patients?

The move makes it possible for all stroke/neurology inpatients to receive optimal care and quality services within one site, the Neuro, a recommendation supported by the Canadian and Quebec Stroke best practice guidelines. Patients will receive specialty care in accordance with interdisciplinary best practice guidelines, offered by a diverse team of neuroscience specialists, including physicians, nurses, and allied healthcare professionals. This integrated care approach will be more efficient and could decrease length of stay. 

This move will also benefit TBI patients. Merging the TBI unit with the ortho/trauma unit of the MGH, under the Surgical Mission, will allow for greater proximity of all staff working with orthopedic and trauma patients.

How will this move affect my care, or the care of my loved one?

Patients will continue to be cared for by their corresponding department – either the neurology service, or the traumatic brain injury service – with no interruption or change to their care plan. All nursing, allied health and support staff are well prepared for the move to the new unit.

I’m not used to visiting the Neuro. How do I get there?

Please visit our Visitor Information page for details on how to get to the Neuro by metro, bus, and car.

Who can I speak to if I have questions, or concerns?

Every patient’s care team and support staff are ready to help before, during and after this move, to ensure each individual care plan is followed and that all support needs are met. Please speak to your loved one’s nurse about any questions or concerns you may have.