Social Worker Week

Employee spotlight 

Jillian Lucht, Social Worker

Thank you Jillian, and all your colleagues, for all the great work you do. Join us as we celebrate Social Work Week from March 24 to 30. With the theme "At the centre of all transitions", the week aims to highlight the essential role social workers have in helping individuals, couples, families, groups and communities who are going through difficult times or embarking on new stages in their lives.

 What led you to becoming a social worker?

I wanted to be able to help people in a concrete way and make a difference in their lives. I also really enjoy connecting with people and learning about who they are, their lives, their families and what has made them the person they are when I meet them.  

What is the best advice that someone at the MUHC ever gave you?  

You can only control what you do. As a more junior worker, I used to get frustrated by others not necessarily doing things in the way I would have done. At that time,a veteran co-workershared with me that if I let things like that frustrate me, I wouldnot have a successful career. I continue to work with that piece of advice always in the back of my head. Some days it comes easier than others. 

Can you tell us about working with your social worker colleagues?

My team is what keeps me coming back to work everyday. At the Montreal General, we are a smaller team and our offices are mostly all together. We really support each other, lift one another up when it’s needed. We keep each other laughing to help with the tough things we hear and see with our patients. I also have an amazing multidisciplinary team on the 14th floor. 

How do you like to relax and unwind after a shift?  

Being outdoors really helps me unwind. After picking up children from school my 2-year-old son usually wants to go for a little walk, so we do that before dinnertime. This forces me to focus on being outside with him. Also, nightly exercise helps change my mind frame!