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Praise for our Medical Laboratories teams

The week of April 11, 2022, is National Medical Laboratory week!

Over the past year, from Abitibi to the West Island of Montreal, our medical technologists, supporting staff and managers have been hard at work providing support to all units and healthcare professionals. One thing is certain, their work hasn’t gone unnoticed!

Recognizing the work of the team of medical technologists in Abitibi

In Abitibi, Dr. Alexandre Viau, a surgeon at Rouyn-Noranda Hospital, speaks highly of the medical technologists he works with. “I have been so impressed by all the colossal efforts they have put into understanding all the new science while processing hundreds of COVID-19 PCR tests to boot,” he says.

Dr. Viau says the team shares a strong bond adding he can always depend on them to make an extra effort. “It’s always a pleasure to visit the medical lab. I will always remember spending nights looking at PCR charts hoping that I will be able to operate on my patient’s appendix before midnight,” recalls Dr. Viau. “Thank you to all the medical laboratory technologists, who work in the shadows to keep our hospitals running. Without their work, we doctors wouldn’t have much to tell our patients about their condition.” 

Medical laboratory technologist — A critical and integral role

For Dr. Michael Tanzer, associate surgeon-in-chief of the MUHC, and Dr. Jo Miller, chair of Orthopaedic Research at the MUHC, it is important to underline the critical and integral role played by medical laboratory technicians in the preparation and follow-up of surgical patients. “Working with surgeons, the labs provide all the necessary testing required to ensure the best care for our patients,” says Dr. Tanzer. “The collaborative approach among both units was brought to the forefront during the COVID-19 pandemic. The labs ensured that our patients and healthcare workers were tested in a timely fashion to avoid the risk of exposure to the virus. The Surgical Mission greatly appreciates the expertise, dedication and hard work of the staff and the ongoing collaboration,” concludes Dr. Tanzer.

Happy National Medical Technologist week!

Watch the video for National medical laboratory week now: