Oncology Nursing Day!

Thank you Andréane, and all your colleagues, for all the great work you do.  Join us April 2 as we celebrate Oncology Nursing Day! 

Andréane Chevrette
Andréane Chevrette Oncology Nurse

What led you to becoming an oncology nurse? 

During my bachelor's degree in nursing, I did my first placement in a hemato-oncology unit, and I fell in love with this specialty. Ever since then, I have been working in this field. My first job at the MUHC was at the Montreal General Hospital, where I met an amazing team who played a big part in my training. They encouraged me to grow, and I learned a lot. It's a complex specialty, treatments change rapidly, and we need to stay up-to-date with our skills. Even today, I learn something new every day! Patients and families have also taught me a lot. What they go through, dealing with cancer, is intense and full of emotions. I also feel privileged to be able to support them in these difficult times.         

What is the best advice that someone at the MUHC ever gave you?        

It's difficult to pinpoint one piece of advice, but the managers and colleagues I've encountered in my career have always encouraged and supported me. I'm extremely fortunate to have been so well supported. In fact, it's probably thanks to them that I became a specialized nurse practitioner. I've been able to pursue many areas of nursing. I've taken a lot of training and have always been encouraged to go back to school to study.    

Tell us about working with your fellow oncology nurses.

Working in oncology is complex and teamwork is important. Nurses are at the heart of cancer care, throughout the entire care trajectory of patients and their families. I work on a daily basis with the pivot nurses, the treatment room nurses and the assistant head nurses, as well as with the nurses on the care units who look after oncology patients. I now also work with the other specialized nurse practitioners.  

This collaboration means we can offer better care.   

How do you like to relax and unwind after a shift?   

Wow, that’s a good question! Now, I run when I get home from work, because otherwise, I run out of time. But otherwise, I talk! Talking about difficult moments helps relieve the pressure. Luckily, I have colleagues and friends who listen to me. 

Andréane Chevrette


Andréane Chevrette