The New Residents’ Committee of the Camille-Lefebvre Long-term Care Centre

Dear colleagues and members of the MUHC community,

I am delighted to confirm that the new Residents’ Committee of Camille-Lefebvre long-term-care centre has been constituted in accordance with the Act respecting health services and social services. This announcement follows a call for election on February 24 that resulted in the receipt of nine candidate applications by the March 10 deadline, eight of which from residents, family members of residents and a caregiver of a resident. One application was not retained because the enthusiastic response of residents and their loved ones meant that it was not necessary to have anyone outside the Camille-Lefebvre circle stand for election.  We nevertheless thank this candidate for his interest.

Residents cast their ballots on March 20 and 21. Sufficient votes were received to elect all who stood for election, namely: 

  • Diane Harbec-Pagé  - resident
  • Ghislaine Bouchard  - resident
  • Denise Maisonneuve - resident
  • Yvon Brisson - resident
  • Carol Silver - family member of two residents
  • Anick Courval  - caregiver of a resident
  • Michel Paquette - family member of a resident
  • André Lalande - family member of a resident

I would like to thank all those who made this important election happen in a short timeframe. Printing Services,  the Quality, Evaluation, Performance and Ethics directorate, including the Admitting, Registration and Medical Records team, the Nursing and Administrative staff at Camille-Lefebvre, Technical Services, and Mathilde Crépeau, our independent lawyer who served as election president and counted all the returns, were of immense support to the Executive Office, which took the lead following a request made at the February 3rd public meeting of the Board of Directors of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) from Ingrid Kovitch, chair of the MUHC Users’ Committee, for MUHC Management’s assistance in organizing an election.

The new Residents’ Committee will meet shortly with the MUHC Users’ Committee, which will support them as they get their bearings and define their priorities.  Under the Act, the committee’s mandate is to:

  • Inform residents of their rights and obligations
  • Promote the improvement of the quality of living conditions for residents;
  • Evaluate the degree of satisfaction of the residents with the services obtained;
  • Defend the collective rights and interests of the residents or, at the request of a resident, his or her rights and interests as a resident with the establishment or any competent authority.

Once again, I am delighted. This is truly great news for the residents of Camille-Lefebvre.

Lucie Opatrny, MD, MHCM, M.Sc.
President and Executive Director, MUHC