New Medical Day Hospital at the MGH will alleviate pressure in the ED

The McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) is pleased to announce that a new Medical Day Hospital is now open at the Montreal General Hospital (MGH). Patients will be referred from across all MUHC adult sites, including from adult Emergency Departments (EDs) at the MGH, the Royal Victoria Hospital and the Lachine Hospital. This means that more ED beds will be made available. 

Led by the Division of General Internal Medicine, the MGH Day Hospital features 10 stations (i.e., a mix of beds and chairs). This day hospital is unique in that in addition to providing care for recently discharged patients, it also provides diagnostic and treatment services. The treatment team can order imaging services such as x-ray and CT scan, or order blood tests as required to ensure proper follow up. 

The new Medical Day Hospital at the MGH will alleviate pressure in the ED

“The MUHC has never had a day hospital offering both treatment and investigation services, and we can now expect a significant improvement in patient flow,” says Gino Curadeau, Clinico-Administrative Coordinator of Medical Ambulatory Services. “Patients will receive follow-up care without being hospitalized. They’ll be in good hands under the care of devoted physicians, nurse clinicians, PABs and clerks.”  

In the EDs, staff have been trained to detect a patient fit for the Medical Day Hospital at the MGH: they must be in stable condition and deemed fit to go home at the end of their appointment. 

Day hospital staff are equipped to administer general and specialized treatments, and care for conditions such as infectious diseases, cancer, respiratory illnesses and more. The unit also serves as a dynamic teaching environment for fellows, residents, medical students and nursing students.  

MGH Day hospital

The clinic is on E11 at the Montreal General Hospital and is open Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The plan is to open 7 days per week once staffing is complete.  

“We’re motivated to find solutions to the current ED overcrowding issue across Quebec. This is the amazing result of a lot of hard work,” asserts Gino.