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National Nursing Week – recognizing MUHC nursing pioneers

This week, as we take the time to celebrate the amazing work that nurses do each and every day to care for patients, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the accomplishments of some influential and famous nurses who played a significant role in the history of the MUHC. 

In recognition of these trailblazers, portraits of five former Royal Victoria Hospital Superintendents/Directors of Nursing have been given a new home. The newly installed paintings are now on display in the D2 corridor at the Glen site, in the waiting area of the Test Centre. Together, these women represent an astounding 90 years of leadership that included pandemics, wars, political changes and scientific expansion.

These notable figures led the way for nursing management and helped establish a framework within which nursing students would receive a diversified and progressive education. We hope that they continue to be a source of inspiration to today’s nurses and the generation of nurses to come.  

Fanny Munroe
Fanny Munroe (1938 - 1949), Superintendent of Nurses/Superintendante des soins infirmiers
Helene Lamont
Helene M. Lamont (1949 - 1967), Director of Nursing/Directrice des soins infirmiers
Lorine Besel
Lorine Besel (1974 - 1998), Director of Nursing/Directrice de soins infirmiers
Mabel Hersey
Mabel F. Hersey (1908 - 1938), Lady Superintendent/Superintendante des soins infirmiers
Margaret Clark
Margaret Clark (1967 - 1974), Director of Nursing/Directrice des soins infirmiers