The MUHC parking team: far from standing still!

With 5000 parking spaces to manage on a daily basis, Morris Zidle and his team receive an average of 40 to 60 requests per day to meet various needs. The clientele is varied: patients, visitors, volunteers, employees—everyone wants to park their car. "People live away from major centres and they’re driving more, but there are fewer parking spaces," says Morris Zidle, Manager, Parking and Grounds, MUHC.


The Lachine Hospital modernization project was a chance for Morris Zidle's team to be creative. In mid-October, the employee parking lot on the hospital grounds closed in order to allow expansion work to take place. 

“We were looking for a site that could accommodate more than 100 cars, that would be available for the duration of the construction and as close to the hospital as possible," Morris explains. The neighbourhood was scrutinized and we approached the Lachine borough. The Société québécoise des infrastructures also studied the possibilities. Few options were appropriate and at the end, the Notre-Dame satellite parking lot was the best alternative”.

 “We can count on the valuable collaboration happening between the parking and project teams in finding solutions, begins Caroline Nessim, Section Manager. At the end of the day, modernizing this hospital is necessary and will improve the quality of life for patients and employees.”

Caroline Nessim and Morris Zidle of the MUHC parking team
Morris Zidle and Caroline Nessim of the MUHC parking team