MUHC Board of Directors’ Committee for Action on Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (C-AIDE)

We, the co-chairs of C-AIDE are pleased to publish our inaugural message to the community and underscore a few of our guiding principles:

1.  We are travelling this road together: Helping the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) to be its best self is a shared responsibility. We have assembled a diverse committee that brings together a variety of people whose expertise, perspective and experience will support the mandate with which the Board of Directors has entrusted us. Our objective is to hear from, listen to and connect with the full spectrum of stakeholder groups associated with the MUHC, from patients and their family members to healthcare professionals and personnel, academics, trainees, and partners, etc. We will also catalogue existing initiatives, review literature, as well as collect and analyze data. We will work to see that equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) challenges are addressed from every angle, including engaging in difficult conversations, sensitizing the community to topics of collective interest, and sparking individual and institutional reflection on different matters affecting how the MUHC’s teams deliver care, conduct research, teach, train, and work together.

2.  We are highly motivated by the opportunity to effect positive change: If there are ‘quick wins’ to be made, we’ll encourage them. However, lasting change involves understanding and growth, both of which don’t happen overnight. This is a great beginning because we will work together to identify and support the kinds of changes the MUHC needs to make in the short to long term.

3.     We need to start hearing from you: Please share your lived experiences, ideas and solutions. Please e-mail us at [email protected] or leave a voicemail message at 514-934-1934, ext. 37699. All information will be used to inform our learning and future actions. Be assured that your confidentiality will be respected.

Prioritizing EDI may have been triggered by a number of recent events that have garnered local, national and international attention. However, it really is an operational necessity whose time has come. C-AIDE is committed to helping the MUHC create its best self, which is akin to assuring EDI is integrated into every facet of the institution. As such, we will also use other platforms to advance our work, such as focus groups, surveys, webinars, etc., and communicate regularly.

Please participate by starting to share your lived experiences and ideas for solutions and positive change!


Ms. Seeta Ramdass and Dr. Anita Brown-Johnson
Co-chairs, C-AIDE

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