A Message of Compassion and Encouragement after the Devastating Explosion in Beirut

Human tragedies always give us reason to pause and reflect on the world around us with compassion and hope. This week, in the aftermath of the devastating explosion in Beirut, our perspective as healthcare workers augments the natural desire to share the pain of the loved ones of those who perished, are missing or injured, and to extend encouragement to our colleagues in hospitals, including those dispatched to field hospitals, who are treating the wounded at the same time as COVID-19 and other patients.

In parallel, we should remember that Beirut may be thousands of kilometres away but Montreal has a significant Lebanese community,—the largest in Canada and one that has provided generous and caring support to the McGill University Health Centre for nearly 55 years through the Cedars Cancer Foundation.      

With that in mind, I ask that you join me in keeping the people of Lebanon, as well as their many family members and friends here at home, in your thoughts and prayers. May our confreres have the strength and resources they need to provide the necessary care.

Pierre Gfeller, MD CM MBA
President and Executive Director, MUHC