The McGill University Health Centre wishes to mark this anniversary of September 11

The tragedy of the 2001 terrorist attacks has left its mark on our minds, but history also calls us to commemorate the countless acts of kindness and solidarity that emerged from the horror. Thousands of people came to the aid of their neighbors, lent a hand to the emergency services deployed there, and supported each other through the ordeal. These are the values that animate our community every day, and we want to pay tribute to all those who embody them.

"Personally, what I remember most and what has marked me the most, and what I hope people will remember, is the great solidarity that emerged. (...) The more serious it is and the more difficult it is, the more people help each other, and I would like that to remain in people's memories," says Louise-Julie Brassard, Coordinator of Emergency Measures and Security Services at the MUHC, who went to New York after September 11, 2001, as an intervener for the Canadian Red Cross.

Listen to Louise-Julie Brassard's interview on Radio-Canada.