Leave the sorting to us! Help reduce waste in the cafeteria.

As part of its ongoing commitment to sustainable development, MUHC Food Services has expanded its food composting program in the Glen cafeteria.  

Instead of throwing waste in the trash, please place your food tray, including leftovers, containers, packaging, cans or bottles, on a designated metal rack located near the garbage containers. 

Compost project

How it works 

By leaving your food tray on the rack, you enable the Food Services team to separate compostable and recyclable items from general waste.  

Items composted at the Glen cafeteria:

  • food
  • paper coffee cups and cup trays
  • cafeteria take out containers
  • napkins
  • wooden utensils and stir sticks
  • brown paper bags
  • coffee filters and coffee grounds 

Did you know? 

During each lunchtime, Food Services sorts over 200 trays, but only about 30 per cent of the takeout containers are left on the tray for sorting. The rest end up in the garbage.  

By using the designated racks, you will significantly increase our composting efforts and make a real difference in reducing waste.

Composting makes a difference
The Glen cafeteria has diverted seven metric tons of organic waste from landfill since June 2023 – the equivalent of five cars!


  Bring your own... 

To further support sustainability efforts, we strongly encourage you to bring your own containers, dishes, coffee mugs and cutlery. The Glen cafeteria offers a 20-cent discount on coffee when you bring your own reusable mug!  You can even ask to have your meal served on a real plate!