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It’s National Medical Technologist Week!

To celebrate and honour the amazing work of the medical technologists, support staff and managers of the OPTILAB-MUHC Montreal cluster, we will be featuring messages of thanks and gratitude from various specialists who are truly grateful for the timely and accurate test results they receive when they make making life-saving decisions.

 “It has been an extraordinary voyage collaborating with the blood bank group! From the trauma bay to the ICU and from the operating room to the emergency department, we could not do the work we do without the medical technologists at the blood bank. The trauma team often requires extremely rapid access to blood products for life-saving transfusions and we know that the blood bank will deliver the right product in the right sequence at the right time. Our trauma team works in extreme circumstances and in incredible urgency and complexity, often facing critical situations.

When we are under extreme stress and duress in the middle of the night, often handling mass casualties at once, we know we can count on these medical technologists to deliver our blood needs almost immediately.  Technologically, the work they do is extremely complex and I am truly lucky to have them by my side to ensure that life-saving complex and comprehensive blood products are immediately available when we need them. We have tremendous confidence in their skills and expertise and it’s truly a privilege to work with such a dedicated group who continuously strive to innovate to make the delivery of blood products more efficient and safer, even during some of the most catastrophic scenarios. Happy National Medical Technologist Week to the whole team!”

Dr. Tarek Razek, trauma surgeon and intensivist, Director of the MUHC Adult Trauma Program
Dr. Tarek Razek, trauma surgeon and intensivist, Director of the MUHC Adult Trauma Program