Honouring the Spirit of Giving: National Philanthropy Day

In 2012, the Government of Canada enacted the National Philanthropy Day Act. As the Act’s preamble depicts eloquently the gift that philanthropy represents to all facets of society, we begin our message of gratitude with this extract:

Whereas philanthropy is the spirit of giving without expectation of reward;

Whereas Canadians continue to be inspired by the dedication of volunteers who devote themselves to improving the lives of others;

Whereas philanthropy helps build strong communities and active civic participation by bringing people together to serve a common goal;

Whereas countless Canadians have benefited from the help they have received from charitable organizations and caring individuals;

Whereas through the dedicated work of caring individuals and organizations, November 15th has come to be known throughout Canada as National Philanthropy Day;

And whereas it is important to honour all Canadians who demonstrate the spirit of giving by recognizing National Philanthropy Day…

Philanthropy makes the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) and Research Institute of the MUHC stronger. Over the last two centuries, the spirit of giving helped build, equip and staff our hospitals. To this day, it continues to support our mission, preserve and promote our heritage, and help us make bold decisions to transform health care for our community and for the world.  

We are therefore immensely grateful to the Cedars Cancer Foundation, Lachine Hospital Foundation, Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation, Montreal General Hospital Foundation, MUHC Foundation, Neuro Development Office, all of their individual, family and corporate donors, as well as other charitable organizations.

We are also deeply appreciative of those who give their time and/or share in-kind gifts generously and selflessly. This too sustains us and makes us stronger.

Finally, we would be remiss if we did not recognize our own personnel and physicians who participated in the success of past fundraising campaigns, such as The Best Care for Life, and who continue to contribute to our foundations and other causes that are meaningful to them.

Today, November 15th, we honour and thank, on behalf of our patients, their families and our teams, all those who embody the spirit of giving that National Philanthropy Day recognizes. Thank you for playing a part in the well-being of our community!

Peter Kruyt, Chairman, Board of Directors of the MUHC                                                         

Pierre Gfeller, MD, CM, MBA, President and Executive Director of the MUHC