For a healthy public network: A 514-450 initiative to abolish the use of independent workers

From Words to Actions. Committed to this imperative, the 16 presidents and CEOs of health and social services institutions across the Greater Montréal area, the south shore and the north shore, as well as the Association des établissements privés conventionnés, have pledged to recognize the value of nursing and cardiorespiratory employees, in addition to abolishing the use of independent workers.

This concerted effort, which is in keeping with the ministerial announcements, is a truly groundbreaking initiative. It is indicative of how deeply committed these institutions are to taking the steps needed to keep employees in the public network and to encourage those who have left to come back.

The first phase of this project is aimed at nursing and cardiorespiratory employees and seeks to provide a stimulating work environment, healthy working conditions and a better work-life balance.

Their pledge:

  • Starting November 1, 2021 (aside from specific exceptions provided for in the plan), the 17 institutions will cease to train new nurses, licensed practical nurses and respiratory therapists from private agencies;
  • The most coveted shifts will be set aside for nursing and cardiorespiratory employees from the public network;
  • Hiring will be fast-tracked, resulting in quicker reintegration within the framework of a joint virtual 514-450 job fair, the details of which will be communicated shortly.

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For a public health network that is robust, accessible and safe for all.