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Glen Respiratory Therapists Team awarded the prestigious Élaine-Trottier Prize

Josée Gendron, manager of Respiratory Services, Anesthesia and Sleep lab, Glen adult sites, knew immediately, when she saw the call for applications, that she had to submit her team for the Elaine-Trottier Prize. The recognition, which comes with a $2,000 cheque, is given by the Fédération interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec (FIQ) to a respiratory therapist (RT) or a group of RTs for a unique achievement or for their involvement in a specific event that benefits the practice.

The 52 outstanding respiratory therapists that work at the Royal-Victoria Hospital Intensive care unit were awarded the prize during an online ceremony on November 12, 2021. 

Great projects realized despite the challenge of COVID

“Winning this prize demonstrated to us that you can do a lot with little,” says Josée. “We were able to exceed our expectations thanks to our motivation and determination.” The team's resolve never wavered, despite the pandemic, and these achievements hadn't gone unnoticed by Josée. 

“My team put its shoulder to the wheel and everyone pulled together,” remarked Josée. “My team has always been motivated, resilient and have also proven to be excellent multitaskers!” In the last two years, there were a lot of changes and adjustments in order to respond quickly to the pandemic. The RT team never once complained and were always quick to adapt to new situations. "The last two years have proven to me that we can accomplish great projects.” 

Not one but two submissions for the same award!

The entire team was delighted to get the chance to promote their profession. “The team was flattered. It’s a great recognition of their efforts to improve, implement and apply procedures and innovate their ways of working,” says Josée. Applications are submitted from across Quebec and are reviewed by the FIQ and the Order of Respiratory Therapists of Quebec. In an unexpected twist, Josée wasn’t the only person who thought that the team deserved this recognition; one of her employees, Marco, also submitted an application!

Unfortunately, on the heels of winning this award, the fifth and now the sixth wave of the pandemic hit Quebec. As a result, the team hasn’t given a lot of thought to what they want to do with the prize money. Infection control measures mean a dinner together is out, but they all agree that team sweaters, with their names embroidered, are a great way to show their team pride.

Congratulations to the entire RT team! 

Glen Respiratory Therapists TeamGlen Respiratory Therapists TeamGlen Respiratory Therapists TeamGlen Respiratory Therapists Team