Employee Spotlight: International Archives Day!

Thank you, Alyssa Sampang Lapid, and all your colleagues, for the excellent work you do.  Join us as we celebrate International Archives Day on June 9. 

What led you to becoming an archival professional?

Growing up, my parents always wanted their children to be doctors or nurses. Although the medical field sounded interesting, I easily become weak to the core with as simple as the sight of blood. One day, during my career search, I read up about the Medical Records career program. I found it interesting because you have the medical aspect while also being in an office environment and of course, everything about the career itself was interesting to me. Here I am today, many years later, in a field where you continue to learn as the profession evolves. 

What is the best advice that someone at the MUHC ever gave you?  

The best advice I was given was actually a reminder on the importance to take care of ourselves and our health because no one else will do it for you. As much as we put everyone’s needs before our own, we are no good toward our peers or our loved ones if we, ourselves, are not well and healthy.   

Tell us about working with your fellow archivists.

It is a great pleasure working with my fellow archivists. We help each other out and we all bring different knowledge to the table based on our experiences. These are also the people you spend the most time with in a day and in a week. They eventually become like your second family.  

How do you like to relax and unwind after a shift?  

I enjoy binge-watching on TV series. This allow me to disconnect from reality for a moment. 

Alyssa Lapid