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Dedicated Enhanced Recovery After Surgery unit opens at the Montreal General Hospital

The MUHC is proud to announce the launch of its Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) unit. Located on the 18th floor at the Montreal General Hospital, the unit consists of four dedicated beds for patients to rest and recuperate after elective surgery. “The unit is for patients for which we have already established a care plan, know how long they will have to stay in hospital, as well as the milestones they need to reach during their recovery,” says Maxime Breton, Administrative Clinical Coordinator, Surgical Mission, Nursing.

This specialized unit is designed to speed up a patient’s recovery after surgery and provide support to both the patient, family and caregiver after discharge. The MUHC is recognized as an international leader in ERAS pathways. Each pathway is tailored to a patient’s needs and encompasses nutrition, physical activity, new approaches to pain management, minimally invasive surgery, as well as other elements. “We have developed more than 30 of these pathways at the MUHC since 2008 and the dedicated unit will build on that experience and get us to the next level of better patient care,” says Surgeon-in-Chief, Dr. Liane Feldman.