Childcare Workers and Early Childhood Educators Recognition

Thank you Tara, and all your colleagues, for all the great work you do. Join us in celebrating Childcare Workers and Early Childhood Educators Recognition Day on March 19!

Q 1. What led you to working in your field?

I first stepped foot into the RVH daycare as a student in 1993. I quickly sensed that it was a special place. I then received an offer to work at the centre in 1996, I was thrilled! The childcare center had a good reputation for providing high quality care for the children and a stimulating work environment for the staff. Now, after twenty-eight years, I can say I did find a second family with my coworkers and created bonds with the many families that have come through our doors.

Q 2. What is the best advice that someone at the MUHC ever gave you?

There are a few people who gave me words of advice and encouragement over the years at the MUHC. The main points that have stayed with me are to keep learning and try new things. Another is to believe in my ‘quieter, more reserved part of self’. I believe it allows me to be a keen observer and in turn to care and teach each child according to their unique needs and capabilities. Also, from both my parents, ‘fun’ should be included as much as possible in big and small ways!

Q 3. Tell us about working with your fellow colleagues.

Working with my coworkers has been an ongoing adventure full of support, admiration, incredible creativeness, many laughs, also tears and a steady sense of care and unity. All the milestones, learning, difficulties and joy that the children bring into our classrooms make for a highly energized environment that is both rewarding and challenging. Knowing you have your director, co-educators and indispensable support staff surrounding you helps us to keep doing our job each day.

 I feel honoured to represent my fellow childcare workers who are dedicated to being a constant presence to ‘our’ young children. We take pride in striving to ensure our parents can go off to work and do their job knowing their child is being well care for and stimulated.

Q 4. How do you like to relax and unwind after a shift? 

I enjoy spending time with my husband and my girls when their schedules allow! I love being outdoors; in the warmer months I am often on my bike and also go swimming wherever there is water. In the winter months I really enjoy playing hockey in a friendly woman’s league. Also, just relaxing listening to music never gets old.