Be a pro for your prostate: Men's Health and Wellness event at the Lachine Hospital

Did you know?

  • Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men; the fourth most common cancer in Canada.
  • 1 in 9 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime and 1 in 29 will die from it
  • In 2020 alone, more than 23,000 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer (Public Health Agency of Canada).

Prostate cancer is a serious disease. That's why the Lachine Hospital is hosting a Men’s Health and Wellness event on June 15, 2022 starting at 1 p.m.. Our urology specialists will meet with you - no appointment necessary. It is an ideal opportunity for a health check-up. You’ll get to see a doctor, measure your blood pressure, have a urine and blood test, and even, if you wish, a prostate exam performed. Our team of health professionals will also provide follow-up care.

Early detection

Checking the health of your prostate takes no more time than reading an email, checking your social media profile or taking a picture. This routine health check may help detect cancer early and save a life.

For many men, taking care of their health often takes a back seat to other issues. "Men generally prefer to take care of their own problems and only want to go to the doctor if they are unable to deal with it on their own. However, it's important for men to know that going to the doctor is not a sign of weakness, but rather an essential step in taking charge of their health for themself and those around them," explains Dr. Serge Carrier, Director of Surgery at the Lachine Hospital and a urologist by profession.

"Don't forget: there are two tests that facilitate the early detection of prostate cancer. Men can have a prostate-specific antigen test or a digital rectal exam. If you and your doctor feel you should have these tests, I encourage you to do both," suggests Dr. Carrier.

To summarize

What is it? Free, walk-in exam for men: urine and blood pressure tests, blood tests and prostate exams for men who want them

Who is it for? Men

When? Wednesday, June 15, 2022 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. (no appointment necessary) 

Where? Lachine Hospital (650 16th Avenue, Lachine, Quebec, H8S 3N5), via the Saint-Antoine entrance 

We look forward to seeing you!