Soon to come: a more functional Emergency at the Montreal General Hospital

On November 16, the opening of three trauma rooms, temporarily set up under a large tent at the entrance of Pine Avenue at the Montreal General Hospital (MGH), will mark the first milestone of a series of modernization works at the emergency department, which will be carried out over the next few months.

Already underway is the installation of a large 30 X 80-foot heated tent, adjacent to the entrance to the emergency room, which will include all the equipment necessary for trauma care. It will also clear the area for phase two of construction. Excavation work will start on November 16 at the back of the main building, near the former ambulance entrance, to allow for the installation of a modular unit which will house seven additional spaces for patients waiting in the emergency department. New permanent trauma rooms will be installed during the second phase.

Dr. Jean-Marc Troquet, Chief of Emergency Medicine at the MUHC, welcomes these transformations, reminding us that patience will be required throughout the work. "Since the beginning of the pandemic, employees and patients have been experiencing various changes on a daily basis, a situation that will continue with the modernization work, which has become more than necessary,” he says. “Once this work is completed, the emergency room will be much more functional and safe, with more isolation rooms to treat patients and three completely individual trauma rooms. This is an important benefit for the team and especially for our patients."

Mobility impacts related to the work 

- Multi-level parking at the Montreal General Hospital:

  • The entrance and exit of the parking lot via Pine Avenue are closed to traffic from November 9, 2020 until the spring of 2021;
  • Patients and employees must use the Cedar Avenue access to enter and exit the multi-level parking lot.

- Access via Pine Avenue:

  • Only patients arriving on foot can use this entrance to go to the Emergency Department;
  • Only ambulances may use the driveway;
  • Motorized traffic is prohibited.

- Livingston entrance: Access is maintained for employees.

- Cedar Entrance: Access is maintained for patients and employees.

The MUHC thanks employees and patients for their understanding and collaboration during the construction period.

*** Note that these works are not part of the major modernization project of the Montreal General Hospital.

MGH ER modernization