Helping each other at the MUHC

The Lachine Hospital recently experienced what could’ve been a major setback: the breakdown of the operating room ventilation system. The Lachine perioperative team showed great resilience during the unexpected situation, and volunteered to perform their procedures in an available operating room at the Glen site’s Royal Victoria Hospital. This guaranteed that the planned surgeries would go ahead for all three patients.  

Eleven nurses, three patient attendants, an anesthetist, a respiratory therapist and a doctor went to the RVH to perform the operations. 

  operatinf room

The Royal Victoria's OR and PACU nurses welcomed the Lachine Hospital staff with great courtesy and generosity, making them feel comfortable to deliver safe patient care on such short notice.

lachine staff

lachine staff 2

Originally, repairs were to take four days, but in the end, the Lachine group only needed one day because the ventilation system was fixed quickly. Operations have resumed at the Lachine Hospital. 

We’re proud of the commitment and solidarity executed by our teams, and we’re convinced that this exceptional collaboration will further strengthen our connection. This demonstrates our unwavering commitment to quality care and patient satisfaction, even in the most complicated situations.