Dr. Kaberi Dasgupta honoured by Canadian Diabetes in Pregnancy Study Group

Students’ success at Vascular 2023 conference reflects RI-MUHC researcher’s influence.

Dr. Dasgupta
From left to right: past CanDIPS president Dr. Ariane Godbout, debate participant and obstetrician Dr. Jillian Coolen, current CanDIPS president Dr. Lorraine Lipscombe, debate participant and obstetrician Dr. Howard Berger, and Dr. Kaberi Dasgupta, at the Vascular 2023 conference (Oct. 2023)

Dr. Kaberi Dasgupta received the Canadian Diabetes in Pregnancy Study Group (CanDIPs) 2023 Award of Excellence for Research at the Vascular 2023 conference in Montreal this fall. A senior scientist in the Metabolic Disorders and Complications Program and past director of the Centre for Outcomes Research and Evaluation at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC), Dr. Dasgupta co-leads the RESET for REMISSION CIHR/MRC clinical trial with UK colleague Tom Yates. At the conference she delivered a presentation on the Diabetes Canada type 2 diabetes remission guidelines, which she had co-authored, and she also co-moderated a session on enhancing capacity for care in connection to persons with type 1 diabetes in Canada.

Vascular 2023 took place from October 25 to 29 in Montreal, hosted by the Canadian Cardiovascular Society, Canadian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Canadian Venous Thromboembolism Research Network, Diabète Quebec, Diabetes Canada, Hypertension Canada and Thrombosis Canada. Dr. Dasgupta's influence was notable through the accomplishments of her trainees showcased in this conference.

Joseph Mussa, a doctoral student in epidemiology, gave an oral presentation on “Various Combinations of Gestational Diabetes and Gestational Hypertension in Two Pregnancies and Associations with Cardiovascular Disease.” This research, co-supervised by Elham Rahme, PhD, will be published in the International Diabetes Federation flagship journal, Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice.

Dr. Husain Hasan, former internal medicine resident at McGill University and now a fellow at McMaster University, presented during the resident research project oral session on “Trends in Incidence and Prevalence of Diabetes in Adults Under the Age of 40 [in Canada].” His preliminary work for this project also earned him the Department of Medicine Montreal General Hospital resident research award at the 2023 DOM Annual Awards Soirée this fall.

Dr. Isabella Albanese, an endocrinology fellow, received the CanDIPS trainee abstract award (second prize) for her poster presentation: “Gestational diabetes and parental type 2 diabetes as risk factors for type 1 diabetes in offspring: a systematic review.”

Laura Rendon, M.Sc. student in experimental medicine, presented a poster titled “Associations of maternal gestational diabetes with offspring diabetes across two pregnancies: preliminary work.”

Susan Wang, internal medicine resident, and Nancy Wu, former M.Sc. student in epidemiology and now medical student at the University of Toronto, will be second and first authors respectively of a publication in the Journal of Medical Internet Research for their work presented at the conference: “Social Support in a Virtual World: Network Analysis and Directed Content Analysis.”

Congratulations to all of our participants in the Vascular 2023 conference!

Vascular 2023 conference
Research trainees of Dr. Kaberi Dasgupta (pictured at far left) had an active role at the Vascular 2023 conference, including Dr. Isabella Albanese (fourth from left), Joseph Mussa (centre) and Dr. Husain Hasan (second from far right)
First published by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, McGill University: Dr. Kaberi Dasgupta receives Canadian Diabetes in Pregnancy Study Group (CanDIPs) 2023 Award of Excellence for Research
SOURCE: McGill University and RI-MUHC